I began my first blog a while back taking notes on life.  You know...those simple things that keep you going.  It evolved to a sort of scrapbook of moments in my life.  Now I've decided to begin another blog that will be my notes on my next chapter in life.  Same people, different milestones.

My hope is to share this with my children and with God's will, my grandchildren one day.  It helps that I have always been a writer at heart.  It is one thing I enjoy doing most.  Next to reading that is!

I am married to a wonderful man who I can sincerely call my best friend. We've known each other since we were kids in high school. We have two children-one daughter, one son who are our greatest blessings. They make our life fun and adventurous. Those little rascals are also growing too fast right in front of our eyes! They are grown and not such babies anymore which I truly miss them being. We are at a point now that we are doing our best to take in all the daily moments as they grow from childhood to young adults.  One will be graduating high school soon and leaving for college.  My other child will soon be walking down the aisle.  Yikes!  Talk about the emotional roller coaster I will be on.

I do have a big family that includes my family I grew up with along with the family that keeps growing...like my nieces and nephews.  So, from time to time you will find me writing about them too.

One of our family's proud accomplishments is having the opportunity to build our dream home.  I will definitely share our process as we go through it all.

So, welcome to my random notes I take along this journey where I will be documenting the next chapter in our lives.

10 other random things about me:

1.  My most treasured best friend is my husband.  We have basically grown up together.  My most fun times have been with him.

2.  I met my "bestest" of friends in the 6th grade-the three of them.  The one that lives the closest is the one I have the least contact with in our adult life.  The one that lives the furthest-what do you know-we have the most contact. :)

3.  I'm an educator and believe all children deserve a chance and an opportunity to find their potential, to dream.

4.  Country music relaxes me.

5.  Laundry is my favorite of chores-if there is one to choose from.

6. I have a love for books and quotes! I use them often. :) I also enjoy photography and of course writing.

7.  I love football-now that I know what's going on. :)

8.  There are shoe girls and then there are purse and bag girls...I am a purse and bag girl.  One can't have too many purses or bags.  I don't discriminate either.  I enjoy all styles and brands.

9.  I like to steal good recipes from family and friends.  If I like what you made, I try to figure out what you used to make it then reinvent it to give it my own twist. :)  Don't worry...I always give the credit to the  original owner. :)

10.  My faith keeps me going. Without it, my life would not be what it is today. God, family, self. My motto: "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." 

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