Monday, December 23, 2019

December Gratitude

My most grateful moments in December- 

1) Decluttered garages- This actually happened over Thanksgiving break, but I can’t help to feel grateful that it was in my past and was accomplished so feverishly. I still had boxes full of things from when we moved into our home three years ago. Today all boxes have been discarded.

2) Texans vs. Patriots game- Tailgating with family and friends. Texans won. End of story.

3) Rediscovering the Book of Luke- Did you know reading Luke chapter 1-24 by taking a chapter a day you discover or affirm the meaning of Christmas? Some days became tough because of late nearly nights, but I would double up to complete. Beautiful words and guidance we should follow on earth. 

4) If Happiness was a Skill session- This was a refreshing session on taking the time to pause and be in the moment. All administrators were required to attend. It was well worth my afternoon and then some.

5) Postcards from other Leaders- Last summer I signed up to be a part of a “pen pal” circle with other leaders across the country. We provided our contact information and were assigned a group of about twenty leaders to send a postcard with an encouraging note. The post card could be sent an any time of the year. I started receiving mine this month. It was heartwarming to receive a handwritten encouraging note from another human being. 

6) Gatherings- I love hosting gatherings in our home. I enjoy providing that hospitality for down time to relax, unwind and just enjoy the company and moment. Nothing fancy. This year we got to host a Christmas gathering. We invited family, friends and co-workers. It was a ton of fun. 

7) Shop with a Cop - I have been blessed to be connected to a police union who sponsors this program every year for our school. We get to take students for an evening of shopping at Walmart. It’s such a rewarding experience for us and even more so for the families. 

8) Christmas Eve mass- I joined a dear friend for the Children’s Christmas Eve mass. It was a beautiful service.

9) Road trip- Took my parents down to Louisiana for a casino trip. Dad hit big with $1,000! 

10) Christmas Day- What was a small gathering turned into a much larger one with our family joining us. It was a perfect evening of bbq around the fire. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019


It has become the buzz word. Mindfulness. Is this another fad or is it something we need to pay mind to?

I attended a Social Emotional training back at the beginning of the school year by Keeth Matheny. It was a great session. The focus was about being mindful and in the present. Our district brought him back this past week. We had a choice to attend one of the three sessions being offered. The session was titled “If Happiness was a Skill.” I chose the last session of the day.

The first thing he had us do was mark our happiness at the moment on a scale. We were going to mark ourselves on the scale at end of the session too. At that point I inferred I would most likely leave this session with joy because this guy was about to take us on a ride. 

What I was affirmed with at the end of the class are in the list below. I say affirmed because I know these things. I’ve been in bits of practice with this since a year ago when I was in my Leadership class. One of the first topics covered during class was about how to leave work behind and get to enjoy your life with family. However, the lecture was one thing. Putting it into practice hasn’t quite shifted to habit just yet.  Here they are:
  • Happiness is a decision.
  • Our thoughts elicit emotion that creates our behaviors that impact our world.
  • Be in the present.
  • Savor your moments.
  • Pause
  • Multitasking isn’t real nor is it effective
  • Technology is suppose to make work efficient but not keep you at work all the time. 
To be in the moment and happy with the place you are in is challenging for many people. We are always looking for the next best thing. The next best job, car, home, etc... that we forget that the moment we are in is something we most likely prayed for at one time. We expect the next thing to make us happy rather than being happy in the moment we are in.

My life experiences thus far have taught me how to see the bigger picture. It’s not about what the next day holds or where I will be in a year. What matters most is being happy in the moment you are living. What matters is today. 

How will I spend today living my best life? 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Work Bag

I tried something last week that was quite refreshing. It was simple. I left my work bag at work.

Every day I carry my work bag to and from work. It is heavy. It contains each of my daily notebooks I use on a daily basis. I do not know why I carry them back and forth. Perhaps I may need it when I am home. I do not know. Most times, I am so exhaustingly tired I do not even open up my bag. It still comes home with me. It gets even heavier on the weekends. I guess I feel I have more time, let me take more home.

So, last Tuesday I was at work late and figured why take it home. I'm coming right back. So, I did the unthinkable and left it all at work-including my laptop! Then the next day my husband said we were going to have dinner with our daughter. So, I left it again figuring I would not have an ounce of time to do anything with the contents of the bag. Then it was Thursday. I was ready to leave by 4:30, however I still had a to do list to take care of. So, I decided to go ahead and clear the list. I left a bit later- 6:00 p.m. However, I was able to leave without the bag!

There was something about leaving work at work that week that was so refreshing to my soul. I was able to come home with a clear mind. Each morning, I got up and dressed and walked out the house with just my purse. It felt so liberating! I shared this experience with someone and they assured me to keep doing it more often. The feeling was too great that I do think I will make it possible. Even just taking it one day at a time.

This forty something thing is really getting the best of me. Why does it take forty something years to realize what now twenty somethings already know- to take time to care for ourselves. Feed the soul. We only live one life. It's time to make the most of the life I have been given. This includes making the most of the time I have and spending it doing what I love and enjoy most.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Chapter Forty Five

When I was young I thought forty five was quite old. I mean, it seemed like only parents are that age. But then I got here. It doesn’t seem so old anymore.

Forty five is just getting started and I reflect on what I’ve learned thus far in my forty five years of life. No particular order. 
  1. People don’t necessarily change. We just grow.
  2. Our health becomes more important.
  3. Home is always the best place to be on a Friday night. 
  4. Prayer is powerful. 
  5. Not everyone is nice, but you can be nice to everyone. 
  6. What you consume does affect your body and mood.
  7. Reading is such a relaxing hobby. 
  8. Mediation is so healthy. 
  9. You don't always have to be in a rush. Slow down. 
  10. Traveling is necessary. 
  11. Speaking another language is beneficial. 
  12. Dreams can come true. 
  13. Water is essential for a healthy life. 
  14. It is necessary to take care of yourself. If you don't, no one else will. 
  15. Life is very short. 
  16. The work will always be there. You won't. Choose you. 
  17. Children are a true blessing. Cherish them. 
  18. Chocolate helps any bad day. 
  19. So much can change in one year. 
  20. Love is above everything else. Forgiveness is a gift. 
Live, love, hope and dream.