Sunday, July 19, 2020

Forty six

 I turned forty six. Celebrating another year was bittersweet. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to God for another year of life. 

This last chapter brought some lessons. 
  • Health matters. Taking care of your body and keeping up with annual appointments is essential. The sooner you discover something wrong, the better opportunity you have in bringing yourself back to good health.
  • Mindfulness is not a trend, but real. Just like your physical health is important, so is your mindfulness. You must take time for yourself. Read a book for fun. Practice mindfulness techniques. Play some music and relax. Journal. Anything that relaxes you. 
  • You really only have one life to live and enjoying every moment with loved ones is golden. Life is short so live each moment doing what makes you happy. Don’t hesitate to tell the ones you love I love you or even I’m sorry. 
  • Prayer is powerful. 
These lessons weren’t new to me. They just happen to test me this past year so they naturally stood out. 

This next chapter has begun with lots of uncertainties not just in our city or country, but in our world. However, what is certain is the perspective I will have. Positive. Prayerful. 

Here is to making forty six powerful and purposeful. While we can’t control life around us, we can control what is within us. How we carry on even through tested times can only keep us growing stronger. Cheers to more blessed years of life with family and friends.