Sunday, January 1, 2023

Almost Fifty

 In 2012, I made a list of 101 things to do or complete in 1001 days. This was a blog challenge that was popular at the time. I managed to almost complete the entire list - proof that when you write it down, it carries weight and is more likely to happen.

I’m around the corner to hit the big 5-0. Oddly, I remember being more anxious when I was turning 40 than I currently am turning 50. Turning 40, I remember having another child was heavily on my mind. The thought of closing a chapter in life I will never have again such as bearing a child frightened me. I was at a loss as to whether I was truly done growing my family. Then I turned 40 and all the anxiety just went away. I was pleased with where we were with our family of 4 and I was appreciative of all that was around me. 

Here I am a year and a half away until I make the next milestone. All I want to do now is celebrate where I’ve been and what is to come. This made me think of the 101 challenge I did a while back. Interestingly, I made that list 10 years ago and a couple of years before my 40th birthday. 

So, here I am back to making a new list I want to accomplish and document as I journey to my next milestone. I have learned a lot in these past 10 years. I hope to share these lessons along the way as I capture the moments. 

Let’s begin with the list.

  1. Travel for my 50th birthday using my passport. (Location to be determined)
  2. Prioritize my physical health by following a more health-filled eating plan
  3. Develop a fitness routine to maintain my energy and well-being
  4. Make time to journal
  5. Use my prayer journal
  6. Complete my doctoral program
  7. Publish literature - preferably a children’s book
  8. Get a full physical completed
  9. Teach a lesson in class
  10. Return to water or water-based drinks only
  11. Paint a picture
  12. Read novels for enjoyment
  13. Create a vision board
  14. Go to the theater
  15. Mentor a child
  16. Take a road trip (or several)
  17. Lunch date with girlfriends
  18. Send a care package to family/girlfriends
  19. Determine my game plan after retirement - small business thinking!
  20. Attend a concert
  21. Go camping
  22. Enter a 5K
  23. Throw a themed shower 
  24. Recreate a new recipe
  25. Declutter all rooms
  26. Declutter/organize all closets
  27. Write a letter to my husband
  28. Write a letter to my daughter
  29. Write a letter to my son
  30. Create a poem for my grandchild
  31. Eat cake
  32. Take a day from work 
  33. Take in the beach
  34. Sit around a campfire
  35. Play board/card games with the family
  36. Watch the sunrise
  37. Watch the sunset
  38. Try a new restaurant
  39. Write a gratitude list
  40. Volunteer for a cause
  41. Donate blood
  42. Guest speak at an event
  43. Blog 
  44. Start a podcast 
  45. Take a boat ride
  46. Give to a charity
  47. Take a class for fun
  48. Take a staycation 
  49. Catch up with Grey’s Anatomy
  50. Do a family photo session - at a location
Let's get this party started!