Sunday, April 3, 2016


My son participated in marching band and Indoor Drumline all four years of high school.  When he began Indoor Drumline his freshman year, I had no clue what it was all about and neither did my son.  I do remember him coming home one day and was excited once he was informed.
His teacher at the time showed all the kids a video of what Indoor Drumline was all about.  It basically encompasses only the Percussion section of the band.  They perform indoors on a basketball court arena.  It is a mixture of percussion, dance and drama.  Each show has its own theme.  My son's school would choose a more deep topic for their show that related to the real world.  They never did anything simple.  After the first year, my son loved it.  He looked forward to participating in it every year.  
In the 2014 season they competed in a World event in Dayton, Ohio and took 4th place!  That season was the one he says he cherishes the most.  Those kids put in a lot blood, sweat and tears that year.  It was a pretty solid year. 
Now we come to his senior year.  Their final competition took place at Texas A&M.  I took a ride up there along with some of my family.  Their performance was the second to the last to perform that day.  It was a long day. They came out and gave their all.  They looked amazing!
It took forever for the Awards part to take place or so it seemed.  They called each school's order they placed.  The top three place teams in each category would come up to receive their medal and get a picture taken.  It seemed to take forever especially considering my son's category was last.  At first I sat there a little angry that they were taking so long.  But then something hit me.  I thought to myself, okay God.  I know what you are doing.  I'm looking over at my son as he was lined up with his team and thought- you are making this moment last as long as you could just so I can cherish the moment I am in.  My son the senior.  His final competition.  His final show.  His final Drumline Awards show of his school years.  There wont be another moment like this again. 

So, I sat back, continued to snap pictures from my phone and relished the moment.  Then they got to my son's category.
His team got first place! I was super over the moon excited! Seeing the excitement on my son's face as well as all the rest of the team's faces-it was all worth it.  I was so proud! I ran down onto the floor and gave him a hug and snapped even more pictures.  What a moment! I will definitely cherish this moment forever. 

Seniors 2016