Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our New Chapter

I've decided to start anew.  I'm in a transitioning point in my life where one chapter closes and another one begins.  This was the best time to transition into a new blog.  So, here we have On Colorado Drive.

On Colorado Drive is perfect.  It is the next chapter in our lives.  There is so much expected to happen in 2016 that I don't want to miss out on capturing the essence of the year.  So, here is the gist of it all:

New home
High school graduation
First year in College
Mother of the Bride

I'm already exhausted just listing it all!  I'm ready to tackle on all the change in my life.  It is going to be a fun and joyful ride!  I hope you will join me on this new journey.  It is one where I must give thanks to God for answered prayers and also for unanswered prayers.  I will begin with catching up all that has happened in the last couple of months... are you ready?

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